SSIS – Package Configuration Errors (Incorrect Format)

When using package configurations in SSIS (pre-SQL 2012 or SQL 2012 with package deployment models), you may run into the following errors:
The configuration entry, "????????????????????????????", has an incorrect format because it does not begin with the package delimiter. Prepend "\package" to the package path.

The package path referenced an object that cannot be found: "????????????????????????????". This occurs when an attempt is made to resolve a package path to an object that cannot be found.

Since the characters will inevitably be munged when displaying this page, here is an image of the actual text:
SSIS Incorrect Configuration Error

If you encounter these errors and you are using SQL Server-based configurations (using the dbo.[SSIS Configurations] table), double-check that the data types of all columns in the config table are NVARCHAR, not VARCHAR. If they are not NVARCHAR, set them back accordingly. Occasionally you may need to modify this table to extend the max length of some of the columns and when that happens someone may inadvertently change the data type to VARCHAR.

One thought on “SSIS – Package Configuration Errors (Incorrect Format)

  • Sean

    Redefine SSISConfigurations as CREATE TABLE [dbo].[SSISConfigurations]
    [ConfigurationFilter] nvarchar(255) NOT NULL
    ,[ConfiguredValue] nvarchar(255) null
    ,[PackagePath] nvarchar(255) not null
    ,[ConfiguredValueType] nvarchar(20) not null
    will fix this issue.

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