SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) announced for Visual Studio 2012

Fresh off of the press, Microsoft has announced the availability of SSDT for Visual Studio 2012. This means you can now build SSRS, SSAS, and SSIS BI projects within Visual Studio 2012, allowing you to abandon VS 2010 for SQL 2012 BI work.

For more details see the official announcement here. You can download the bits here.

When installing, please follow the below steps:
– Double-click the downloaded file from the above link to start the install.
– When you see “SQL Server 2012 Setup” don’t panic. You’re at the correct place.
– Accept the license terms, click Next.
– After the setup files are installed and you are at the “Installation Type” screen, click Next. (Do not “add features to an existing instance of SQL Server 2012”)
– On the “Feature Selection” screen, select “SQL Server Data Tools…” from the Shared Features section. Click Next.
– In the “Error Reporting” screen, select the error reporting option if you desire, otherwise just click Next.
– After the install complete, you may be presented with a “computer restart required” dialog box. Click OK.
– At this point, the install should be complete. Click close and restart if necessary.
– Open Visual Studio 2012 and start a new BI project.

When VS 2012 is open, you should see the familiar BI templates as below:
SSDT & VS2012